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Customized Aluminum Panel

1).Customized aluminum panel are an excellent choice for construction projects because it offers a variety of benefits that other materials cannot provide.

2).It is durable, lightweight, fireproof and windproof. Would not fade or rust or corrode, durable enough for long term use.

3).Special dimension and designs can be customized according to project requirements.It can be used for a wide variety of applications, including siding, roofing, and partitions.

4).Aluminum panels are available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, colors,and finishes to suit the needs of any project.

5).You can enjoy one strop service from designing to installation guide for your project from our team.

Aluminum Wall Panel
Flat Aluminum Panel
Among current aluminum building materials, aluminum cladding is a type of depth processing series. It has the advantages of being lightweight, fine stiffness, high strength; strong weather and corrosion resistance;...Read more
Aluminum perforated panel
Punching Aluminum Panel
Punching aluminum panels in various sizes and designs are possible with CNC perforation technology. It may generate varied visual effects by using different punching patterns, and it is also effective...Read more
Art Carving Aluminum Panel
Art carving aluminum panels differs from punching aluminum panels in that it offers more carving pattern alternatives, such as floral design, leaf design, character image design, animal image design, and...Read more
Shaped Aluminum Panel main
Shaped Aluminum Panel
Shaped aluminum panels are an increasingly popular option for architectural cladding and construction. This is due to the many benefits they offer, including being lightweight, durable, and low maintenance.Read more
Column Aluminum Panel
Column Aluminum Panel
Column aluminum panels are commonly found in hotels, large stations, airports, and other public places. It has two columns: a square column and a round column, both of which can...Read more
Aluminum Mesh Panel
Aluminum Mesh Panel
Aluminum plate that has been expanded is both versatile and cost effective. When compared to perforated metals, it is less expensive. Because it is slit and expanded, it generates less...Read more

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