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Metal Fencing Panels
Can Aluminum Fences Be Customized
Application-- garden-1
Can Aluminum Fences Be Customized
Application- Gates-1
Aluminum Fence
Metal Fencing Panels
Can Aluminum Fences Be Customized
Application-- garden-1
Can Aluminum Fences Be Customized
Application- Gates-1
Aluminum Fence
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Aluminum Fence Manufacturer

Our beautiful fences are custom-made to your specifications. It will fit between your wall as well as the posts and fixings required for a full fence installation if necessary. It can be attached to masonry, bricks, plasterboard, or wood with off-the-shelf fasteners. You can contact us at any moment for professional advice and technical assistance. All we require is a rough blueprint of your area with dimensions. Everything else will be worked out later.

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Material Aluminum Alloy
Length ≤6000mm
Width ≤2000mm
Thickness 1.0-4.0mm
Surface Treatment PE, PVDF
About Aluminum Fence

Are you considering an aluminum fence for your residential or commercial property? This type of fencing provides a number of advantages, from its durability and low maintenance requirements to its attractive design. Sleek in appearance and resistant to damage, aluminum fencing makes it easy to create a border around gardens, patios, pools – and whatever else you might need protected. Whether you’re seeking a decorative edge or a way to keep people out, aluminum fences make the perfect choice.

Key Features 

  • Aluminum fencing is available in a variety of styles, colors, and heights, making it a versatile fencing option.
  • It is also a good choice for fencing because it is not susceptible to termite damage and will not rot like wood.
  • Aluminum fence is also easy to install, which can save you money on installation costs.
  • It is low maintenance and does not rust or rot.
  • Plus, aluminum fencing is eco-friendly and recyclable

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Application — garden

Aluminum fences make your garden not only a garden but also a relaxed place with an artistic atmosphere!  Aluminum fencing is a great way to enhance the look of your garden. It is also an excellent way to keep your garden safe from animals and pests. Aluminum fences come in several forms and colors and may be tailored to your garden’s unique requirements.

Application-- garden-1 Application-- garden-2

Application — Backyard

Aluminum fence is the best fencing option for your backyard because it is strong, durable, and low maintenance. It will also add value to your home and will last a lifetime.

Application Backyard-1 Application Backyard-2

Application — Gates

Aluminum fencing is a versatile, affordable, and attractive fencing option for homes and businesses. It is also an excellent choice for gates, as it is both strong and lightweight. Aluminum gates can be customized to match the look of your fence and home and can be fitted with a variety of gate hardware to suit your needs.

Application- Gates-1 Application- Gates-2

Some Cutting Design

Some Cutting design-1 Some Cutting design-2

Customized Decorative Panel Experience

We offer a wide choice of colors in addition to the shape freedom we provide for your panel. You can choose from over 3000 different hues. Customized perforations, customized sizing, and careful consideration of your needs ensure that you receive the exact product you require to complete your project.

Please contact us if you need help developing a wall or ceiling solution for your next project!

Q1: How can you ensure the quality of your products?
A: We have a rigorous quality control process, from raw materials to finished products. Every step of the way, materials must be checked and signed off by quality control personnel.
Q2: Can I get a sample?
A: Yes we offer free samples. Delivery cost is to be paid by clients.
Q3: Can you provide OEM service?
A: Yes,we can produce under your own brand name. Logo and design need to be provided so as to make customized brand name.
Q4: Can I buy installation accessories from you?
A: Yes, we provide ceiling and wall panels and installation accessories.
Q5: Why can I trust you and place order with you?
A: From 2009 to 2022, Manybest has served clients from more than 100 countries/areas. Manybest is well-known for its quality and honesty. Manybest team win clients' trust by down to earth business style.
Q6: What’s your price terms and payment terms?
A: Price Terms: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, etc.  B: Payment Terms: Cash, T/T, or L/C.