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18 May

Special cafe in Cambodia Project Sharing-Aluminum Baffle Ceiling

Posted 17:49 pm, May 18, 2022 by hqt / Category: Blogs

Our Project—Special cafe in Cambodia

Product: Baffle Curtain Panel

Raw Material: Aluminum Alloy

Size: Various size to choose (contact us for details), customized available.

Color: Solid color, high glossy color, metallic, wooden effect, stone effect etc. Customized available.

Surface Finish: Anodized, powder coating, PE/PVDF coating, heat-transfer, film coated etc

Application: Decorative Living Room, Hotel, Bar, etc.

Indoor and outdoor public space backdrop, Elevator cabin, handrail, living room, background wall, ceiling, Kitchen equipment.

Specially for bar, club, KTV, hotel, bath center, villa, shopping mall

Special cafe in Cambodia

The construction metal, aluminium, has become increasingly important in recent years and is now being used for roofing and facade cladding.

An advantage is the small surface area, which is highly resistant to corrosion, and the wide colour range of aluminium sheets and beams. In construction, aluminium alloys are used, which are treated with coloured coatings to prevent corrosion.

Aluminium is available in the most varied shapes and is used especially for large-area facade cladding. Be sure to clean aluminium cladding at regular intervals.